Use Microsoft Outlook to conduct Voting

Microsoft Outlook has a wonderful voting feature that allows you do a quick poll. It is easy to use and it automatically summarizes the poll result for you. Let’s say you are in charge of a department luncheon and you want to know which restaurant your co-workers in the department would like to go. You can conduct a vote through Microsoft Outlook. Please follow the below steps to do so.

Step 1: Create a new email.

Step 2: Click the “Options” tab on the ribbon, choose “Use Voting Buttons” and then choose “Custom…”.

pic1 vote

Step 3: Type in the selections in the “Use voting buttons:” box, just overwrite whatever in the box. The checkbox in front of the “Use voting buttons:” box should already been marked. In this case, you can put in the most popular choices of restaurants in your neighborhood. If you want the replies sent to someone else other than yourself, you can select a name from the contact list and put in the “Have replies sent to:” box under the “Delivery options”. You can set an expiration date under the “Delivery options” if you want to count only the votes that comes in a timely basis. Click “Close” button when you are done.

pic2 vote

Step 4: Send out the email to your co-workers as you normally do for a regular email.

pic3 vote

Step 5: When your co-workers receive your email, they can start voting by clicking the “i” symbol (“Click here to vote”) and choose their preferences. A pop-up screen will comes up and your co-workers can choose to send the responses from two options.

pic4 vote

Step 6: You will get back the replies as emails. The response from each sender will show up on each email. You can also click the “i” symbol to view the response list up to the most current email that you have received.

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