Embed an Excel Object into Microsoft Word Document

You may want to include simple calculations in some of your Word documents, notably Quotes and Invoices. Ideally the quotes and invoices are generated from an Accounting system. But for a lot of small business owners, Microsoft Excel may already be their Accounting system.

I have seen many small business owners use a calculators to do calculations and then manually plug in the numbers into a Word document. It would be easier to embed an Excel object into the form. Please see the below steps how to create one.

pic1 embedded excel object

Click the “Insert” tab on the Ribbon and click the “Object” command.

pic2 embedded excel object

In the “Object” pop up screen, choose “Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet” and click the “OK” button.

pic3 embedded excel object

In the Excel Object, please type in necessary headings and contents, create formulas for calculations, and format it with shades, bold types, borders, etc. Drag the corner of the Excel object to size it the way you want.

pic4 embedded excel object
pic5 embedded excel object

Get rid of the gridlines by clicking the “View” tab on the ribbon and unmark the “Gridlines” box.

Below is the finished Word document. To add or change something, you can just double click the Excel Object to edit. The Word document can be saved as a template and used over and over again. Same principal can also be applied for invoices, late notices, refunds, etc.

pic6 embedded excel object

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