Hide Visual Basic Modules by saving your Access Files in MDE or ACCDE file format

Your Microsoft Access files are initially created in MDB or, with Access 2007 or after versions, in ACCDB format. In MDB or ACCDB formats, everyone can have access to your Visual Basic modules. Users can maliciously or accidentally change your codes and make your VB modules inoperable. To protect the integrity of your Access files, you should convert the files into MDE or ACCDE file format before sending them to the users.

You can save your files in MDE or ACCDE file format by clicking the “Database Tools” command on the ribbon, and choose the “Make ACCED” command on the right. You can put in a new file name or you can use the same file name.

If you look into your File Explorer, you can see both the original file and the newly saved ACCDE file in it. Please note that there is a lock on the icon of the file in ACCDE format.

If you open the new ACCDE file and click any VB module under the Modules, you will get the below message. You won’t be able to change and view any codes in any VB module.

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