World Map with Bar Charts


World Map with Bar Charts

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If your company is a multinational corporation, you may be requested to generate reports to show the international performance. It comes in handy to have a world map and bar charts to show the relative performance on your dashboard. The areas of interest can be individual product lines, quarterly performance, debt/equity analysis, market share, etc. The same logic can also be applied to line chart, pie chart, area chart, and scatter chart.

Please see the following steps how I created this report. No Visual Basic Module is used for this report.

Step 1: Create the data. The data are divided into regions and then product lines.

pic1 us map with bar charts

Step 2: Try to find a world map. Google Image or Microsoft Clipart is a good start. You may want to avoid copyright issue by downloading images from government websites or websites that offer free and non-copyrighted images.

world map
pic3 us map with bar charts
pic2 us map with bar charts

Step 3: Create a chart based on the data. It can be any type of charts you want to make. In this example, I used 3-D bar (column) charts for illustration purposes. The products to be chosen are the first four in the same region (i.e. Asia).

Step 4: Double click the newly created chart, and then click the first icon in the “Chart Layouts”. I chose this one so that I can add the chart title to it. I click on the title and change it to “Asia”. After that, I get rid of the legend to avoid too much clutter in the chart. Since I will put more than one chart on the map, I want to keep it as simple as possible. You can keep the legend if you want to.

pic4 us map with bar charts
pic5 us map with bar charts
pic7 us map with bar charts

Step 5: Cut the chart and paste it to the “Map” worksheet.

pic8 us map with bar charts

Step 6: Format the chart by choosing ‘No Fill” under “Fill” menu and “No Line” under “Border Color”. Afterwards, click “Close” button.

pic10 us map with bar charts
pic9 us map with bar charts
pic11 us map with bar charts

Step 7: Move it to the Asia area on the map. Resize the chart if necessary.

Step 8: Copy and paste the chart a few times as necessary for different geographic regions.

pic12 us map with bar charts
pic13 us map with bar charts

Step 9: Change the “data source” and the “chart title” of each individual chart by right-clicking the mouse on the chart. Afterwards, move the chart to the appropriate regions on the map one-by-one. Repeat this process as many times as necessary.

pic14 us map with bar charts
pic15 us map with bar charts

This is the final report with 5 bar charts.

pic16 us map with bar charts

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