Run Adobe Reader in Desktop Mode with Window 8


Run Adobe Reader in Desktop Mode with Window 8

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There are two application modes in Window 8: the traditional desktop mode and the new metro mode. The metro mode is created primarily for touch screen applications (even though you can open any application with a click of a mouse) and to offer a more user friendly multi-media interface. The metro mode is a new interface that Microsoft wanted to push out but received quite a bit backlash from the general public. Maybe there is the reason why Window 10 comes back to the traditional desktop mode.

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The major reason of the backlash is that the interface between the desktop mode and the metro mode is far from convenient. A notable example is using Adobe Reader. In the metro mode, the Adobe Reader only allows users to open one window. The users can not open multiple files at the same time. Secondly, it is a pain to switch between applications which stay in different modes. For example, if a user wants to copy certain information from a PDF file in Adobe and paste it to a Microsoft Word document, the user needs to press Alt-Tab key to keep switching between the metro and desktop mode. It works but it is definitely not as convenient as if you use the task bar in the desktop mode.

After you download and install the Adobe Reader, it is defaulted to be opened in the metro mode. You can do the following steps to make it open in the desktop mode instead.

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Step 1: Right click the “Start” icon and choose “Control Panel”.

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Step 2: Type “Set Default Programs” in the search box and choose the command when it comes up.

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Step 3: Click the “Adobe Reader” and choose “Set this program as default”.

Now if you double click your PDF files in the file explorer, they will be opened by the Adobe Reader in the desktop mode instead of the metro mode. You can also double click your Adobe Reader icon on your desktop (which should be created when you installed the program unless you opted out), the Adobe Reader should also be opened in desktop mode.

You can now enjoy a “better” Adobe Reader.

The above steps may be applicable to other applications as well.

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