Install a Language Pack and Add a keyboard input method


If you need to generate documents in a foreign language, you need to install a language pack and add a keyboard input method. Please follow the below steps to do so.

pic1 language

Step 1: Click “Start” button and choose “Control Panel”.

pic2 language

Step 2: On the Control Panel pop-up screen, choose “Clock, Language, and Region”, and then “Change keyboards or other input methods” option.

pic3 language

Step 3: Choose “Change keyboards…”

pic4 language

Step 4: Click “Add…” button

pic5 language

Step 5: Choose the language that you desire. You may need to click the “+” icon to expand the language selections to get what you exactly want. Click “OK” button when finish.

pic6 language

Now the new language you just chose should appear.

Click “Apply” and then “OK” to confirm. Click “OK” on other pop-up screens to close them.

pic7 language

Now you should be able to see the choice of languages on your left bottom corner of your desktop. It is defaulted as “EN” (English). Click it and you will see the languages that available to use. If I choose Chinese (CH), it will show up the short language bar with the “CH” at the beginning. If I want to see the full language bar, I can choose the “Show the Language bar” option.

pic8 language
pic9 language

Now I can start typing in Chinese. The Chinese typing will be available to all applications of Microsoft Office Suite and some other applications that support foreign languages. Same logic and steps apply to all other foreign languages that you can install from Microsoft.

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